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Sake brewing process of Nishinoseki

The basic of delicious sake brewing of Nishinoseki are; 1. koji, 2. moto, and 3. tsukuri in order of its significance. The most essential process is to create koji mold, followed by moto, the general term of shubo making process, and finally, moromi-mash making called “tsukuri”. All craftsmen share these common understanding to brew sake with utmost care.

The whole procedures from rice polishing and washing, steaming, making koji and shubo, hon-shikomi, squeezing, tasting, preserving, bottling, and shipping are all crucial for sake brewing. We have faith in our accuracy and sincerity in sake brewing for Nishino seki and that is making our sake exquisite for many years.

The climate differences or changes in the quality of rice in each year may make sake brewing procedure inconsistent. However, our craftsmen are ready to adapt their accumulated knowledge and experience to conquer any difficulty. We are determined to put all our effort to continuously provide and entertain people with our sake that best matches with food cultures of Kyushu area.