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Our philosophy

Our Sake harmonizes the 5 essential tastes of sweetness, acidity, spiciness, bitterness, and sourness. Together, these harmonize to shape the taste of Japanese Sake.

We will continue to base ourselves locally and to pass on traditional handmade sake brewing techniques to future generations. And we will endlessly do our best to pursue the original taste of Japanese sake.In recent years, sake has been judged as lying between the sweet and the dry.

But in fact, real sake is transcendent to these qualifications, and is a synthesis of these; for we eat while we drink, and our sake must bond with our food.

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  • Kayashima Sake Brewing Co.Ltd was founded in 1873.
  • The brand “Nishi no Seki” was named by the second president of the company.
    Nishi means the western Japan, and Seki means a Yokozuna (a grand champion).
    He hoped that it would become a representative sake of the western Japan, in which the company was located, and he firmly determined to make every effort to realize his dream.
  • In1907, “Nishi no Seki” won the first prize in the all Japan sake contest which was held for the first time. Since then it has received many prizes.
  • The brewery consists of many wooden buildings. They were built around 1900, and they were resistered as the national tangible cultural assets in 1997. They have been well preserved, and they are being used even today. A nostalgic atomosphere is there.

  • Since the founder, good quality has been our principle. In spite of the passage of time, our principle will never change. We have developed our inherited traditional handmade method and sought for natural deliciousness of sake. We will continue making efforts to make good quality and delicious sake.

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Company name

Kayashima Sake Brewing Co.Ltd


Susumu Kayashima(5th president)

Toji(Master Brewer)

Yuji Tahara

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392-1 Kunisaki machi-Tsunai, Kunisaki, Oita 873-0513 Japan